Following the “move to earn” trend, “travel to earn” is forecasted to be a new trend in 2022, when all countries are simultaneously open to tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel to earn is a Web 3.0 project developed with a creative system. Users can now make money by traveling around the world. Travel to Earn combines blockchain technology with NFTs. In addition, GPS data will support this project.

Most of the time, in the developed information technology, people become less communicative with the outside environment, so the project was created with the desire to help people have more contact with the external environment and see the real world.

GPS plays an important role

The use of GPS data to ensure that participants cannot cheat and can only get tokens by actually traveling to different places in the vicinity.

GPS data is not shared with third parties and is used only to ensure the application’s functionality.

This app will be available for both iOS and Android.

Important functions

1. Reward map: the reward map will show you where you need to travel to get the reward. The map will be updated daily, and the number of rewards will also change.

2. App Swap:

There will be an in-app swap, so you can easily swap.

Your tokens for BNB and BUSD are directly in the app.

3. NFT Marketplace: There will be an in-app marketplace.

There you will be able to buy or sell NFTs.

4. Minigames: There will be minigames and daily quests.

Function of token

TRAVEL token is required to be able to buy NFT in the market, and it is also used to level up the NFT to get more. Furthermore, you will be able to stake TRAVEL tokens. Staking will ensure that you are not interested in selling your tokens, guaranteeing a constant price increase.

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