Join our biggest event yet — STAKE LUX TO FARM NFT — and get ready to earn high APY while getting your hands on some fantastic NFTs.

Are you ready to put your LUX to work? Staking LUX is the perfect way to generate investment returns and maximize profits from your initial funds.

After the minting time, you can claim your NFT and unlock your tokens. You can then trade these NFTs in-app marketplaces, making them liquidate.

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LuxWorld; How to stake LUX to farm NFT


  1. How long will the commit time be, and what do I get from staking?

Staking will depend on how long and how much $LUX you commit.

For Nodes, the commitment period will range from 5–90 days, from 5,000 $LUX to 95,000 $LUX. You will get Classic Node, Grand Node, Premium Node, or Luxury Node.

For Luggage, the commitment period will range from 1–90 days, from 50,000 $LUX to 999,000 $LUX. You will get Popular Luggage, Rare Luggage, Limited Luggage, or Legendary Luggage.

For more details, check out and choose the appropriate investment plan.

2. When will I get the NFT? Right after stake or wait until the end of the period?

You will get the NFT and the total amount of $LUX committed as soon as the process ends. For example, if you stake 5,000 $LUX within 90 days to get Classic Node, after 90 days, you will receive your entire $LUX and NFT.

3. Please give me details about the $LUX Airdrop program for the first successful Check-in Node creations.

During the program, each successfully initiated Check-in node will receive an incremental reward of $5 — $10 — $15 worth of $LUX.


  • Each account (corresponding to 1 wallet address) can only receive a maximum of $30 in $LUX for the three first nodes of check-in.
  • Only the first 1,000 successfully initiated check-in nodes are eligible for the rewards.
  • The Airdrop will be taken in one month or when the first 1,000 nodes reward delivery successfully.

Read more information: (Link)

4. When is the $LUX Airdrop for the first Check-in Nodes?

The program will be launched on 15th May after the Staking program takes place to ensure users have Check-in Node NFTs to participate. Of course, you should also rely on this time to choose suitable farming NFT plans.

5. How can I optimize my APY while participating in this staking program?

With the combination of the first successfully initiated Check-in node Airdrop, owning NFTs early will give you a huge advantage. Of course, you can use multiple staking strategies to maximize your profit.

6. Can I cancel the package to get $LUX back during the staking process or change my farming NFT plan?

When participating in the staking to farm NFTs, you must commit to a time and amount of $LUX, and you can ONLY cancel or change the plan after the process is over.

For any inquiries, please drop an email to: [email protected]

7. Information about the referral code program.

For each successful app download and referral code, the referrer will receive 50 $LUX and 100 $LUX if you’re a KOL or influencer, and the number of invites will be unlimited.

Read more information: (Link)

8. Can NFTs of this staking program be bought, sold, or exchanged? And does it have a lock time?

Of course, we have an in-app Marketplace for users to buy, sell and exchange their NFTs. There is no lock-in time for NFTs minted from the staking program, so you can rest assured.



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