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LuxWorld Token ($LUX)
LuxWorld Token $LUX
LuxWorld Token ($LUX)
LuxWorld Travel To Earn


Popular questions about LuxWorld’s Concept

LuxWorld is a Web3 traveling Lifestyle app with gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout.

LuxWorld immerses players in a metaverse that bridges the virtual and physical worlds and introduce people around the wolrd to the benefits of the wider Web3 movement.

LuxWorld is a Web3 Lifestyle Social App which is based on Social-Fi – the combination of social networking and finance to create decentralized social applications.

The story behind LuxWorld is the desire to contribute to the recovery and promotion of tourism attractions, entertainment and physical activities around the world after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting with Game-Fi, we aim to contribute to rebuilding tourism for the future and create relationships between brands and their customers,  all while simultaneously hinging on a Social-Fi aspect to build and incentivize a long-lasting platform, featuring user-generated Web 3.0 content.

Joining us, you don’t need to understand the economics or engineering behind the scenes. For LuxWorld, the premise is almost as simple as it can be. Just discover outside and earn rewards.

You equip yourself with NFTs Luggage/Node and use them for checking in. By doing so, you will earn tokens, which can either be used in-game to enhance your NFT assets or cashed out for profit. You can upgrade your NFT assets, breed new NFT, and unlock more exciting features.

Furthermore, LuxWorld plans to join hands with leading brands in all fields to bring attractive benefits to our community.

We do this for the planet, for the sustainability of the travel industry, for the mental and physical health of our friends and families, and to reach millions of people across the world, to help them lead a better, healthier, and happier life.

Travel-To-Earn is actually not a new concept, some projects have been developed to catch up with this trend.  However, these parties are mostly traditional parties – they integrate technology to connect existing brands and create rewards programs for users.  In other words, the “Earn” feature is not yet universal.

  • Capturing that essential element, LuxWorld was born to bring the true meaning of Travel-to-Earn trend to travelers. For long-term, LuxWorld visioned to be the biggest Web3 social travel app & on-chain content network, advertising network in the industry. Commercial and Booking System with crypto will be one of our Travel DeFi solutions. We also create a connection between brands and customers by the mechanism of NFT Membership while they take part in our world. In the other words, we wan to build everything entirely on blockchain and web 3.0 with core elements on Social-Fi and Defi.
  • Being the pioneer: Other projects can copy the concept, but LuxWorld is the pioneer and we have much more time to build the team, the app and strong communities (40k Twitter followers, 25k subscribers on Telegram Official and and 33k members on Telegram Community) to increase the brand awareness. The followers have to spend much more time and investment to build out the team and product to compete with us. With the support of community, we belive that we will not only be the first, but also the biggest.

LuxWorld’s revenue comes from the following sources:

  • Fees derived from user transactions for in-game activities, NFTs trading and Featured & Premium listing fees;
  • Advertising:
    • Provides advertising space. Customers need to use LUX to gain access to LuxWorld’s customer base.
    • NFT Membership: Brands will cooperate with LuxWorld to develop Web3 – a mutually beneficial cooperation. In particular, the integration of NFT Membership will be a breakthrough in business where brands can easily provide membership incentives to customers or create marketing strategies quickly and effectively based on the blockchain technology. At the same time, customers can also integrate membership cards of many brands in a single LuxWorld app.

Step-by-step on product development, start build-up with Social-Fi elements is the current explosive trend, Luxorld visioned to be the biggest Web3 social travel app and on-chain content network in the industry. 

We currently have different events happening to rewards our community, including:

– Whitelist

– Freemint

– AMAs

– Lucky Draw: Win100k $LUX: https://lux.world/win-100k

– Other events: World’s Cup Prediction, Photo Contest for example Share your beloved Christmas photos and get prizes of 5.000 tokens + $100 + 10 #Whitelist…

Please visit our Website or follow our social channels (Telegram channel, Telegram chat, Twitter …) to keep up with our latest announcements about the time and claim page and other events and promotions.

There have been plenty of recent issues relating to exploits or hacks of exchanges or DeFi platforms and this is something we take very seriously.  To ensuare the security of projects, we’re always focusing on:

– Focus on security

– Cooperate with security company: Prior to launch, we are performing 2 independent, detailed, audits of our code, by SolidProof and Certik – the biggest auditors in this field. You can search for LuxWorld or LUX on their websites.

– Big Bounty: Reward for white hacker who finds the bugs.

LuxWorld App is designed in a way where people don’t necessarily need to understand crypto and blockchain to be able to start earning, meaning even less ‘tech-savvy’ people can get involved. A larger community of users will then result in more value flowing back to LuxWorld members!

For Travelers, when you check in at the Check-in Nodes in LuxWorld, you can earn rewards based on your NFT Luggage’s attributes such as Space, Durability and Minting time. Each check in also give you a chance to receive a Lucky box that you can open and get various rewards such as Diamonds, which you can then buy/sell on the marketplace.

For Check-in Node owners, when Travelers check in at your nodes, you can earn passive income, again depending on your Check-in Node’s attributes and energy. You can also get Diamonds through Lucky Boxes as well.

At the beginning, LuxWorld chose Ethereum blockchain to develop because it has the most extensive user base, and we think it is the most accessible to users without having to use bridges, for example. 

Since launching on the CEX exchange, the project has received much feedback from users about the high gas fees and slow speed of Ethereum. To meet the upcoming main net operation, LuxWorld has made the decision to migrate to Arbitrum One, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling network known for its ability to offer low gas fees and high transaction speeds.

To ensure that holders retain their respective rights, the project has conducted a token swap using a snapshot taken on February 24th, 2023. Tokens have been airdropped to holders at a ratio of 1:1 and subsequently transferred to their wallet addresses on the Arbitrum network.

There are currently no barriers to entry LuxWorld:

  • We organize freemint events to give first users free NFT Luggages/Nodes to earn. We are bringing crypto mainstream and allowing people to earn something only for their check-in without having to put in cash first.
  • Users who buy LuxWorld Token in the presale can be rewarded a Check-in Node NFT and Luggage NFT according to the number of $LUX they own. 
  • $LUX token can be staked to farm NFT. Check it out right now at https://earn.lux.world! Find out how to stake LUX to farm NFT on https://lux.world/tutorial-how-to-stake-lux-to-farm-nft/
LuxWorld Feature In


LuxWorld’s Token ($LUX)

$LUX is the native token of LuxWorld. The total supply of $LUX is limted therefore – 2 billion with specific lock and vesting.

You can buy $LUX on BitMart or Uniswap right now. Or you can enjoy “Travel to Earn $LUX” after the LuxWorld app is launched. 

You also can join LuxWorld Staking Program. To stake LUX to farm NFT is the perfect way to generate investment returns and maximize profits from your initial funds. After the minting time, you can claim your NFT (Luggage or Check-in Node) and unlock your tokens.

LuxWorld Token ($LUX) is the native token of LuxWorld, you can get in early $LUX presale in few steps by directly using USDT, BUSD, ETH or BNB. Your LuxWorld token will be claimed at the claim page after the public sale. Or you can enjoy “Travel to Earn $LUX” after the LuxWorld app is launched.

The LUX token will define the governance in the platform. Essentially, the $LUX will also act as a payment mode for all our products. $LUX is a fee settlement option but also works as a loyalty token for the LuxWorld platform. The token also facilitates additional discounts to the token users for making any in-game asset purchases and paying the platform fee of any type in the LuxWorld ecosystem. 

$LUX will have the following functions:

  1. Governance: Users can vote on important decision for project’s development.
  2. For Fee settlement:Fees on LuxWorld can be settled in LUX tokens, this includes:

– Level ups;

– Mint/repair/upgr

de NFTs;

– Open lucky boxes and upgrade diamonds;

– Boosting to reduce mint times and completion times.

  1. For Staking: LuxWorld will enable the LUX token holders to stake and earn yield in the form of more $LUX.
  2. For farming NFTs: $LUX holders will be able to farm LuxWorld NFT Luggages/Nodes.
  3. For User’s attention and funding: LUX token is a payment option but it can be used as a pure medium for grasping the user’s attention. This can be done by rewarding the users.
  4. For creating Token Scarcity: With every transaction made using $LUX, 0.01% of tokens are burnt. The goal of token burning is to remove this quantity of the token from the supply. The constant burning keeps the value of the token stable and also bets on a long term price rise.
  5. Exchange to other crypto assets to cash out/make payment.

There are some ways to possess LUX token: 

  • Buy early LUX token from presale from 28th Nov 2022 to 31st Jan 2023.
  • Purchase on BitMart from Feb 9th2023 9:00 AM (UTC)
  • Swap on Uniswap from March 22th 2023
  • Join Airdrop program on our social channels
  • Earn from LuxWorld App (Quarter 2/2023)
  1. CEX: $LUX has been firstly listed on BitMart from Feb 9th2023 9:00 AM (UTC). The platform had successfully migrated to Arbitrum One and the trading pair has been suspended for a little time from Feb 25th, 2023 to March 9th 2023 for contract swap. The LUX/USDT trading pair on the BitMart exchange has been resumed since March 10th, 2023 – 1oAM UTC after the old LUX tokens (ERC20) had been automatically swapped for the new $LUX tokens (ARBI) at a rate of 1:1  based on the snapshot taken at 08:30 AM UTC on February 24th, 2023  
  2. DEX: $LUX has taken a big step in the cryptocurrency market by listing its $LUX token on Uniswap, one of the most popular decentralized exchanges, on March 22nd, 2023.

To mark this milestone, LuxWorld will pool five million $LUX tokens and $50,000 of liquidity, creating a fantastic opportunity for traders to earn rewards while exploring new travel destinations:

  • Trading Pair: LUX/USDT
  • Liquidity: 5 Million $LUX tokens + $50,000
  • Date: March 22nd, 2023
  • Contract (Arbitrum): 0x58b13dE0b56c91497B1AaEb344BE2a4D7d0478C2
  • Link on Uniswap: Click here 

Please visit our website or follow our social channels to keep up with our latest announcements about the time and claim page and other events and promotions.

Our presale kicked off on 28th November 2022 and ended on 31st January 2023. 
Participating in the LuxWorld presale is a good idea if you wish to purchase LUX token before this potential price spike. All you need to do is create a wallet, buy some USDT/ETH/BNB, link the wallet to the presale and use the USDT/ETH/BNB to make your purchase. Once the presale is complete, you will be provided with an option to claim your tokens.

We’ve made it very easy to participate in the LuxWorld presale.

A little rundown on the most important numbers of this presale:

  • There will be 900.000.000 $LUX available (accounts for 45% total of supply) for the presale at an attractive price.
  • There is a minimum purchase of 1000 LUX.
  • Buy earlier to get the best price.

All crypto investments come with a high risk-reward prospect, so research is crucial before parting with any fundst. We currently do not have a refund policy, however, we will still receive and consider processing certain requests if especially reasonable. In this case, you will be provided with forms to perform KYC (purchased LUX number, time, wallet information, passport upload…) that you send a Submit Form on our Contact page or an email to [email protected].

Unsold tokens (if any) will be locked for 3-5 years. It can be transfered to Community Treasury which used to cover rewards for example for users in competitions or contests in LuxWorld metaverse.

Staking will depend on how long and how much $LUX you commit.

For Nodes, the commitment period will range from 5–90 days, from 5,000 $LUX to 95,000 $LUX. You will get Classic Node, Grand Node, Premium Node, or Luxury Node.

For Luggage, the commitment period will range from 1–90 days, from 50,000 $LUX to 990,000 $LUX. You will get Popular Luggage, Rare Luggage, Limited Luggage, or Legendary Luggage.

For more details, check out https://earn.lux.world/ and choose the appropriate investment plan.

You will get the NFT and the total amount of $LUX committed as soon as the process ends. For example, if you stake 5,000 $LUX within 90 days to get Classic Node, after 90 days, you will receive your entire $LUX and NFT.

When participating in the staking to farm NFTs, you must commit to a time and amount of $LUX, and you can ONLY cancel or change the plan after the process is over.

For any inquiries, please drop an email to: [email protected]

Of course, we have an in-app Marketplace for users to buy, sell and exchange their NFTs. There is no lock-in time for NFTs minted from the staking program, so you can rest assured.

During the program, each successfully initiated Check-in node will receive an incremental reward of $5 — $10 — $15 worth of $LUX.


  • Each account (corresponding to 1 wallet address) can only receive a maximum of $30 in $LUX for the three first nodes of check-in.
  • Only the first 1,000 successfully initiated check-in nodes are eligible for the rewards.
  • The Airdrop will be taken in one month or when the first 1,000 nodes reward delivery successfully.
LuxWorld Token

Luxworld app

How to Travel to Earn with LuxWorld App?

In LuxWorld, your discoveries are worth more than you think: moving outdoors, traveling and checking in can now earn tokens anytime, anywhere… 

We believe this simple yet creative design can motivate you to move, travel, discover and enjoy life!

We are currently in the test phase. Please visit our official website or follow our social channels to keep up with our latest announcements about the time and the Beta version if you want to be the first ones who try, leave feedback to improve the app. 

We are going to release the app in March 2023 and ofcourse  the app will be used globally. 

LuxWorld is born for those who are passionate about traveling and earning from crypto. Especially in the context of current insecure finance, LuxWorld brings more opportunity to earn passive income. It’s so easy to join LuxWorld with few steps:

1. Download the LuxWorld app and Sign-up:

After getting access to the app on your respective device, you will be able to sign up with your email address. You will receive a verification code that you need to key in to enter the app. Players will be able to sign up local coordinates (GPS).

2. Create a new Wallet: Click on the Wallet icon on the top right corner of the screen.

The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase used to recover your Wallet if you uninstall the app or forget your password. Note/write down and save this phrase somewhere safe.

3. Farm or Buy or take opportunity to get Free Mint NFT Luggage or Check-in Node.

Each NFT will have different types, qualities and comes with 4 attributes, so let pick out the ones suitable for you:

– If you want to be a traveler, choose and purchase your suitable Luggage NFT to accompany you on the trip!

– If you want to be a location owner, prepare Check-in Nodes NFT and locate at attractive destinations to attract traveler users to check-in.

4. Earning with LuxWorld:

After getting an NFT, for travelers, you need to go outside and check in. Make sure your GSP signal is strong. Each check-in session with GPS brings rewards for both travelers and owners.

To ensure or increase the earning:

– Repair your luggage/node by using $LUX, level up your NFT assets and improve your daily earnings, minting new NFT or purchase more to increase the number of check-in… or boost up the process if you don’t want to wait.

– For Node owners, you gain passive income when traveler comes and checks in at your NFT Nodes, so make your Check-in Node more attractive and become an attractive destination for Travelers.

LuxWorld has 2 types of NFTs: Luggage NFTs and Check-in Node NFTs.

– Luggage NFTs consist of 4 Types: a Suitcase, Duffel Bag, BriefCase or Backpack, with 4 levels of quality: Popular, Rare, Limited, Legendary.

– Check-in Node NFTs consists of 4 levels of Quality: Classic, Grand, Premium and Luxury.

When you diversify the NFT types, you can:

  • Become both Travelers and Check-in Node Owners to earn more if you have both a Luggage NFT and a Check-in Node NFT.
  • Increase your daily check-in cap by owning more Luggages/Nodes that you switch between.

For travelers, NFT Luggage has 4 types with different minting times which affects check-in time and how much is earned.

  • You can easily switch to suitable luggage to meet the time you can be at the Check-in Node.
  • Having different types of NFT Luggage increases your total max number of check-ins.

 High quality NFT means earn more and more valuable on marketplace. To increase attribute of NFT, you can:

– Increase attribute points

– Insert diamond

When traveler check in a node, system will check if it is an valid check-in or not:

– Not enough Durability points

– Check in out of valid Coverage

– Not complete the minting time

– Run out of check in

– Get full token earning cap.

And then our system will evaluate the earning for both traveler and node owner.

Traveler has 4 check-ins/day for a luggage and $LUX return is not fix rate and depends on:

– Luggage Attribute (for example higher Space point will help earn more…);

– Durability of the Luggage;

– Minting Speed: Speed range depends on Luggage type, for example Suitcase is 1-6 minues.

Accurate speed depedn on Flexibility attribute and Durability of the Luggage.

+ Higher Flexibility point leads to higher Minting Speed, equivalent to shorter required time for being at the Check-in Node.

+ Higher Durability can shorten the Minting Time. For example, with 100% Durability, the Minting time is shortened to 1/10. 

– Check-in Node’s Energy and Quality;

– GPS signal – users will earn less if GPS signal is poor.

To increase check-in number, users need to buy more or higher quality Luggage; or Diversify the type of Luggage.

Be aware that Check-in Node Owners’ return is not fix rate, many factors cause it to fluctuate. Owners will receive reward token LUX depends on:

1. The number of Travelers’s Checking-in: Owners can start to enjoy passive income from Nodes with 30 checkin/day;

2. Check-in Node’s Attributes (higher Popularity attribute point will help earn more; higher Resilience attribute result in a slower Energy reduction which affects earning…);

3. Energy of the Check-in Node;

4. The Level and Quality of Travelers’ Luggage will also affect Node Owner’s earning: Higher level or rarer quality leads to higher earning;

5. Bonus from Photo/Review from Travelers (coming soon).

So that, depend on different expectation, each owners can have different criteria, but normally, you can  choose the Check-in Node in order of preference as follows:

  • Check-in Node has high Popularity attribute point to increase the $LUX earning per check-in;
  • Check-in Node is located in popular/attractive locations which attract a lot of travelers or customers;
  • Check-in Node has high Resilience attribute point which resulted lower Energy deduction;
  • Check-in Node has high Coverage attributes point which resulted in higher radius for a successful check-in;
  • Check-in Node has low mint time to have more opportunity to breed new Check-in Node. 
  • Check-in Node has high Luck attribute point to increase opportunites to receive more valuable Lucky Box.

There are some cases which travelers can not earn:

  • Not enough Durability points
  • Check in out of valid Coverage
  • Not complete the minting time
  • Run out of check in
  • Get full token earning cap

You can be both Traveler and Check-in Node Owners.

You can check-in at your Node but remember that you can only check-in at a Node once per day with a Luggage.  In case if you want to check in more at the same Check-in Node, you need to change to another Luggage.

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