LuxWorld, the Web3 Lifestyle App, which is NFT Gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout, will launch the first Beta version in this December 2022, with the promise of many alluring features will be released.

The origin of LuxWorld

LuxWorld Travel and Earn

LuxWorld is being developed to keep up with developments and to integrate travel into the Web3 world. The application is built on a few available parts based on SocialFi – a mix of social networking and finance used to develop decentralized social apps.

Empowerment and community engagement have been identified as results and tools of social innovation. In LuxWorld’s foundation, Social-Fi enables consumers to earn money by checking while traveling, minting NFT, purchasing NFT in the marketplace, and exchanging with other users on the site.

What LuxWorld offers the users?

Travel to earn

Exploring LuxWord, you will soon realize that your discoveries are more valuable than you think: going outdoors, traveling, and checking in may earn tokens anytime and from any location.

Users can reward useful material with tips. You can be a traveler, a Check-in Node Owner, or both. Only by using Luggage NFTs, you make a nice profit while still enjoying your trip to the fullest. With our wonderful Check-in Node NFT, you can leave your mark in an incredible virtual environment and earn a limitless amount of money.

The more frequently you check-in, the more tokens you earn; the more you have, the more likely you will win expensive stuff.


While large organizations control traditional social media, Social-Fi has created a way of networking that maintains the privacy and safety of users and gives them more freedom and benefits from decentralized social networks.

In LuxWorld, users can profit by producing content based on their travel experiences, creating NFTs, and engaging in social activities with the community.


LuxWorld creates a relationship between brands and customers through the NFT Membership mechanism while they participate in Luxworld.

By joining LuxWorld, users will be able to obtain LuxWorld NFT Memberships. These are exclusive programs that employ NFTs as access keys to open a variety of services and prizes.

Blockchain technology will validate NFT ownership and give holders access to any member-exclusive benefits that may be available.

Join LuxWorld and start traveling with us

Starting with LuxWorld, users need to equip themselves with Luggage to be a Traveller or NFTs in the form of Check-in Nodes to be a Location owners.

Each consecutive check-in at a major tourist attraction or entertainment venue means you’re “filling up” your wallet.

You may earn reward tokens that can be redeemed for real-world currency, providing meaningful advantages for their participation rather than simply paying to play an app.

The motivation behind LuxWorld is to support the rehabilitation and development of tourism attractions and entertainment activities worldwide following the Covid-19 epidemic.

This project will establish a green tourist community where participants are enthusiastic about tourism and entertainment activities while also aiming to converse and reduce adverse environmental effects.

It makes a lot of sense when you become a traveler – someone who enjoys tourism and entertainment will make money from their passion. At the same time, we may help to preserve scenic conservation in LuxWorld.

About LuxWorld

LuxWorld is the Web3 Lifestyle App with NFT Gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout. Exploring our unique and exciting world in real and virtual life, you will soon find that your discoveries are worth more than you can think!

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