LuxWorld – Web3 Application With Travel To Earn Concept Will Launch Beta Version this December 2022


LuxWorld, the Web3 Lifestyle App, which is NFT Gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout, will launch the first Beta version in this December 2022, with the promise of many alluring features will be released. The origin of LuxWorld LuxWorld is being developed to keep up with developments and to integrate travel into the Web3 world. The application […]

What Purposes Do LuxWorld Locks Have?


The Locks of your Luggage/Node NFT is an important aspect of LuxWorld but may be ignored. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Locks and its strength. All Luggages/Nodes come with 4 different Locks, one for each of their attributes. By default, these Locks remain unlocked until the Luggages/Nodes is leveled up to certain […]