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Node minting in LuxWorld is one of the ways to earn in the web 3.0 lifestyle app. Similar to luggage minting, this strategy can also be used as the main earning strategy in the app.

What Is LuxWorld Node Minting?

Node-Minting Event (NME) in LuxWorld is a process of breeding two NFT check-in nodes to get a new NFT Node.

The 2 Nodes used in NME are known as Vintages or Parents.

Node mint requirements

  • Two nodes of level 5 or higher;
  • Both Vintage Nodes cannot be leased out to someone else and must have full durability.
  • Enough LGO/LUX in your wallet for a mint.
  • It takes 48-hour cooldown for both Parents Check-in Nodes to be used.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in LuxWorld, Node can only be minted 3 times. Keep an eye out while purchasing your first Node. If you get a Node with mint count of 3, you will be unable to use them for minting.

If your Nodes are in the process of leveling up, they can’t be used for minting either.

How Much Does Node Minting Cost?

Minting Cost: LUX

The cost of Node-minting will be changed from time to time to balance the supply and demand of LUX. The more mints the nodes have, the more expensive they become.

How to mint LuxWorld Nodes?

  • Step 1. Choose any Node of the 5th level or higher.
  • Step 2. Press the Mint button
  • Step 3. Select the second Node at least 5 level
  • Step 4: Verify the mint price and tap “Mint”.
  • Step 5: Receive your new Node

Node Quality from Minting

Node Quality is determined by the quality of the Vintage Nodes used.

LuxWorld Whitepaper

We hope this node minting guide helps you understand all the costs associated with minting and craft your own LuxWorld minting strategy.

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