1. How do I start the app?

To start using the application, you need to install it on your phone, register with your email. You will receive a verification code that you need to key in to enter the app. You will be able to sign up local coordinates (GPS).

2. How to get the check-in?

For travelers, you start with 4 check-in/day/Luggage. Depending on the number of luggages you own, their quality (Rare, Limted, Legendary) and diversity of luggages you have, you will have a limit daily check-in to use.

For example, if you own 2 common and 1 rare luggage, you will have 8+2+1=11 daily check-in.

For Node Owners, you start with 30 check-in/day/Node. They can increase the number of check-in through number of nodes you own, Adjacent Node and quality of Nodes (Grand, Premium and Luxury). Adjacent Node means when you own several nodes one next to another, you gain extra check-in.

Besides, you can level up to increase the Coverage attribute of the Check-in Node to increase check-in cap.

For example, if you own 2 classic nodes, 1 grand node, and those nodes locate next to each other, you will 30*3 +1+2=93 daily check-in.

3. Is there any way where I can get a free NFT?

Yes, you can.

At the early days of the project, users can grab free NFT Nodes (limited amount). Besides, LuxWorld provides Trial Luggage which can be used to check in and earn a certain amount of token. Before TGE, trial luggage can earn 50% comparing with normal luggages. After TGE, it only can bring you 10% or in case you want to earn full token, you can buy it with incentive price. Remember that, first come, first serve.

At times, you can expect to receive two luggages (instead of one), when you mint.

4. Where can I buy NFT Luggages/Nodes?

In the LuxWorld application’s marketplace. Once you installed the application, you will have access to that marketplace. You need BNB for purchasing NFT assets.

5. Can I check in several times at the same node?

At the same Node, Travelers can only check in once/day/luggage and can only check in more times by changing to other Luggage they own.

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