Check-in Node Owner, Tutorial

A guide on purchasing your first check-in Node and gaining money. Possessing NFT Node in LuxWorld is a big step for many people, but a very rewarding one. This article will explain how to effectively and safely acquire NFT Node from LuxWorld.

What is NFT Node?

Check-in Node is a digital piece of real estate in LuxWorld. Each one is a unique and non-fungible BEP-20 on the Binance blockchain.The initial of a check-in node have wide coverage with a radius of 8 m. The coordinates should not be related to PSA (Politically sensitive areas).

The main purpose of Nodes is to allow owners to earn passively money from travelers’ jouney and make their first footprints in metaverse.

Node quality

There are four quality of Node. With a Classic Node, each time you level up, you get 5 attribute points that you can distribute to your Node attributes. An Garnd gets you 10 attribute points for each level up. A Premium gets 15 and Luxury receive 20 attribute points for each level up.

  • Classic (Base attribute is between 1-10)
  • Grand (Base attribute is between 8-18)
  • Premium (Base attribute is between 15-35)
  • Luxury (Base attribute is between 35-50)

Node Attribute

  • Popularity, which have much more popularity will result in better LUX earnings token.
  • Magic, which increases the chance of random magic box during a session.
  • Coverage, which affects check-in area and check-in cap.
  • Resilience, which slows down wear and tear of Energy

Node Level

Users can level up to 1-20 their check-in node by burning LUX and waiting time (hours). Each level-up takes a fixed time to complete, which increases along with the amount of LUX required according to the Check-in node level. This process can be sped up by using even more LUX.

Upon level-up, owners will attain from 5 to 20 additional points to distribute to their node attributes depending on quality of node as mentioned above.

What can you do with NFT Node?

Locate a Check-in Node

After buying Check-in Node NFT, Node Owner can set up the Check-in Node, including:

  • Coordinates: Longitude, Latitude
  • Name of Check-in Node
  • Description: Address of Check-in Node
  • Owner
  • Category
  • How to get there/Near by
  • Logo/Photo

Other information of the Check-in Node will be automatically shown, including:

  • ID Number
  • Level and Quality
  • Current Energy
  • Last Check-in
  • Rating/Review


To make money with LuxWorld Node, currently there are a few steps:

  • Download the LuxWorld app on iOS or Android
  • Create an account
  • Purchase a Node in the app
  • Earn passively when travelers check in at the location linked with your Node
  • Repair Node using a portion of your earned LUX or waiting for it to refill 10% after every 12-hour
  • Level up your Node and improve your daily earnings by improving your Node

Be aware that Check-in Node Owners’ return is not fix rate, many factors cause it to fluctuate. Owners will receive reward token LUX depends on:

  • The number of Travelers’s Checking-in;
  • Check-in Node’s Attributes (higher Popularity attribute point will help earn more; higher Resilience attribute result in a slower Energy reduction which affects earning…);
  • Energy of the Check-in Node;
  • The Level and Quality of Travelers’ Luggage will also affect Node Owner’s earning: Higher level or rarer quality leads to higher earning.
  • Bonus from Photo/Review from Travelers (coming soon).

Owners can start to enjoy passive income from Nodes with 30 checkin/day.

How to acquire NFT Nodes

At the early phrase of LuxWorld project, limited NFT Nodes are granted free. NFT Nodes are purchased from LuxWorld in-app marketplace and you need to have registered an account first.

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