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LuxWorld is a Web 3.0 lifestyle app which allows you to earn money by checking in. How can checking in earn you money? Let us explain.

Short brief of core mechanic for LuxWorld Luggage

To make money with LuxWorld currently there are a few steps:

  1. Download the LuxWorld app on iOS or Android
  2. Create an account
  3. Purchase a luggage in the app
  4. Earn by checking in with your new luggage
  5. Repair your luggage using a portion of your earned LUX
  6. Level up your luggage and improve your daily earnings by improving your luggage
  7. Wait for your check-in to restore, and repeat the process

That’s a very basic explanation of how LuxWorld works in the beta version, and this core mechanic won’t be changed anytime soon. As long as you had more than 0 check-in, you will earn LUX while you check in. Your luggage however also has a “health bar” (called durability) which gets degraded slightly every time you earn with it, so you have to repair your luggage by spending a small amount of the LUX you earned.

  • At 50/100 durability, your luggage’s ability to earn will drop to 90%.
  • At 20/100 durability, your luggage’s ability to earn will drop to 10%.

Depending on the type of your luggages, their attributes, and some other factors, your earnings will differ. Here are some considerations:

  • The more luggages you have, the more earnings you will have.
  • The higher the level of your luggages, the higher your earnings will be.
  • More Space and Renovation leads to higher earnings.

So, as you see, there are many factors involved in your earning process. You have to find the best strategy suitable for you.

Now, let’s start on full explaination of Luggage Earning.

Determine your purpose

Earning token

LUX is the utility token of the LuxWorld platform. If you want to earn this token via the app, you need to install the application, create a wallet, buy an NFT Luggage, and check-in! You can follow the trend of the market and either sell at a higher price (hopefully) or HODL your tokens for a long time.

Buying and reselling NFTs

If you don’t want to check in primarily you can just buy some luggages and resell them after some time for a better price.

Here are also some possibilities to earn more profits, once you bought an item from the marketplace:

  • Level up your Luggage and sell them at a higher price.
  • Level up your Diamond and sell them at a higher price.
  • Rent Luggages

Start – Choose Mode

Once you have created an account you now have to choose a mode. Currently, LuxWorld has launched Jouney Mode for the first version.

Journey Mode

In Journey Mode, LuxWorld has a list of location for users to check in. Travel Users are equipped with NFT Luggage will be provided Check-in Cap to earn reward token LUX by check-in at the destinations which are listed in LuxWorld’s map. You will need check-in which replenish every 6 hours. 

LuxWorld also provides a free NFT Luggage for users to experience without purchasing. However, this kind of luggage only brings a small portion earning comparing to in-app marketplace Luggages.

LuxNGo (under construction)

LuxNgo mode is still under construction. Users will have to register at least 7 days before the trip and there will be Weekly LuxNGo, Monthly LuxNGo, Quarterly LuxNGo and Yearly LuxNGo.

Free Destination (under construction)

Free Destination mode is also under construction. In Free Destination, on a daily basis, travellers are equipped with NFT Luggage to earn 1 LUX by moving over 3,000 steps (equivalent to 2.4km).

Choosing the right Luggages

Make sure to choose the most suitable luggages for your early trip in LuxWorld.

You can select from four types of luggages: suitcase, duffle bag, briefcase and backpack. It is important to consider your time when selecting your luggage type. If you have popular luggage, you will get 4 points every day for leveling up. The level-up also costs LUX. Each level-up takes a fixed time to complete, which increases along with the amount of LUX required. As you increase levels, your earning potential goes up and your check-in cap increases.

Moreover, Luggages have certain characteristics.

  • Space: important for LUX earnings
  • Luck: chance of receiving a lucky box on the way
  • Flexibility: important to minting time
  • Renovation: influence Luggage repair costs

For more details, read this guide to buying the best Luggage.


Check-in is allocated to a travelers daily. It represents the number of check-in travelers can check in and owners can receive. Each travelers starts with a mere 4 check-in units which replenish every 6 hours.

To obtain more check-in, users need to buy more luggages to diversify. Travelers cannot earn token LUX without check-in.


Minting is the only way the number of luggages in circulation can be increased. You can mint NFT Luggages by yourself, and generate a new branded Luggage.Luggages have to be level 5 or higher to be eligible for minting. By selecting 2 luggages in your possession (not rented!) for minting you will instantly receive a Luggage box. Also, Luggage-Minting has a chance to drop one extra Luggage box.

If you do minting, then you can:

  • Sell that Luggage right away in the marketplace.
  • Level it up and sell in the marketplace.
  • Use the new Luggage to earn.

Lucky Box and Diamond

Lucky boxes are randomly available along the way, depending on Luck. They contain Diamond that can be used for upgrading Luggages and token. The opening takes some time and there is the opportunity to pay for opening earlier.

There are 4 types of diamond available to be inserted into the locks. Each Luggages attribute has its own colored diamond and can be improved by the inserted diamond. Blue for Space, Red for Luck, Purple for Flexibility, and Yellow for Renovation.

You can sell Diamond on the marketplace.

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