If you’ve already got into LuxWorld web 3.0 lifestyle app, a big congratulations. The hard part is done and you are on the cusp of making a decent income just by checking in. The next step in your journey is to get your first luggage. You can buy LuxWorld luggages on the in-app marketplace within the LuxWorld app (available on iOS and Android) using cryptocurrency. There are tons of luggages getting listed on the marketplace. But what is your first best suitable luggage?

1. Luggage Introduction

a. Type of LuxWorld Luggage

There are 4 types of luggages on LuxWorld and it is quite crucial that you pick the right one for you. Types of luggages directly affect minting time, it means the minium required time waiting at the location for a successful checkin.

ViMoney: LuxWorld Guide: How to Choose Your First Luggage? 4 Types
  • Suitcase: 1–6 minutes
  • Duffle Bag: 4–10 minutes
  • Briefcase: 8–20 minutes
  • Backpack : 1–20 minutes

Before you buy a luggage, estimate how long you can stay at a location. This will help you decide what kind of luggages you should be aiming for.

A Backpack has more earning potential than a Briefcase. A Briefcase has more earning potential than a Duffle Bag. And a Duffle Bag has more earning potential than a Suitcase.

b. Luggage quality

LuxWorld Guide: How to Choose Your First Luggage? 4 quality

LuxWorld has 4 luggage qualities for each type.

These quality levels are: Popular, Rare, Limited, and Legendary, in order from weakest to strongest. The price of the luggages increases as they get stronger and rarer.

Legendaries have better earning potential, faster upgrades, and a higher chance of base stats.

c. Luggage attributes

LuxWorld Guide: How to Choose Your First Luggage? Attribute

Each Luggage has 4 attributes assigned to them; Space, Luck, Flexibility and Renovation. These four factors determine various factors in LuxWorld journey.

  • Space — determines the earnings potential of LUX.
  • Luck — determines the quality and frequency of Lucky Box drops.
  • Flexibility— determines the minting time.
  • Renovation — determines the rate at which luggage’s durability goes down.

d. Luggage level

Luggages are upgradable to level 20. The higher the level, the more points you get to allocate towards increasing your luggage attributes mentioned above.

e. Luggage Locks

The other key driver of a luggage price in LuxWorld are its Lock. Locks refer to the four icons that surround a luggage, identified by colors that match a Diamond type. Users are able to unlock them once their luggage reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Luggage Attributes by inserting the corresponding Diamond into the closed Locks. Higher Lock quality will give extra boost to the inserted Diamond’s Attribute.

There are four types of Diamond, with each Diamond representing an Attribute of Luggage:

  • Blue: Space
  • Red: Luck
  • Purple: Flexibility
  • Yellow: Renovation

Once you’ve opened a lock, you can fill it with a diamond which will increase the luggage’s attribute. For example if you have an Space Diamond and you place it in Space Lock, this could increase your total Space by a certain percentage (%).

Each lock also costs LUX to open depending on lock’s quality. However, there’s no need to open a lock if you don’t need it, so you can save your LUX and only open the locks that are beneficial to your strategy (i.e. Space and Renovation Locks).

Diamond can be purchased or earned through opening lucky boxes.

f. Luggage Mint Level

All Luggages have what is called a “mint level” which ranges from 0 to 5. This number tells you how many times a luggage has been used with another luggage to create / “mint” a third luggage. The mint level can have a significant impact on a breeding price, as a higher mint luggage (one that has been already used many times to create another luggage) is more costly to mint with.

2. What to consider when buying your first LuxWorld luggage?

Your first LuxWorld luggage should be one that maximizes your LUX earnings. The Luck attribute has little to no impact on earnings right now whereas Flexibility just can lead to the amount of time staying at the location besides luggage’s type.

Meanwhile, Space directly impacts your earning rate, which means that a higher value on this attribute will yield higher rewards for check-in. Renovation, on the other hand, determines how fast a luggage wears out. As a result, this stat affects your earnings indirectly — the slower your luggage decays, the less you have to spend repairing it.

You need LUX to level up your luggage. You need LUX to repair your luggages daily after using the luggages. So, you need to earn LUX as fast and as much as possible.

You have to use LUX to repair your luggage. Your luggage will have 100 durability at the start and will reduce after check-in. As the luggage levels up, the cost of repairs will go up as well. The only way to reduce this cost going up is to put more points into the Renovation attribute of the luggage.

At the beginning of your LuxWorld journey, the two most important luggage attributes are Space and Renovation. This is regardless of the quality of the luggage you buy.


Each luggage is born with a random set of numbers on its four attributes. When you buy your first luggage, try to find one that has a lot of points on Space and Renovation. The higher these numbers are, the better.

Leveling up

Once you have your new luggage, use it and earn LUX. Then spend LUX to repair your luggage first and level up the luggage with balance LUX. After leveling up to the next level, you are given 5 attribute points you can allocate to any of the four attributes. This is for a Popular luggage. An Rare luggage gets 10 points, a Limited gets 15 points, an Legendary gets 20 points. In the early stages of leveling up, all these new points should go towards upgrading Space and Renovation attributes.

Mint Level

Choose from 0 to 5 depends on your plan to mint them in the future.

Diamond Locks

Having an Space or Renovation lock in the first luggage will be more useful than a Flexibility or Luck lock (this can change in the future).

Congratulations, you’re ready to go hunting in the marketplace for your first luggage!

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