No words can describe this! We’re excited to announce that LuxWorld — a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Travel elements — has a partnership with ChainPlay. The partnership between ChainPlay and LuxWorld is mainly based on our shared long-term vision for LuxWorld and removing barriers to entry for new users coming into LuxWorld. Therefore, this collaboration will strengthen our partnership and promotes LuxWorld’s position in the Web 3.0.

About ChainPlay

ChainPlay is a one-stop hub for all-things blockchain gaming. The Chainplay platform offers lots of value to the GameFi savvies and to those who are getting onboarded to the space. Monitoring price evolution, checking the fundraising updates, staying up-to-date with events and reading their research can be game-changer if you want to leverage information to get an edge in the gaming market.

This is especially important as they are one of the few platforms that cover thousands of projects and constantly generate content, focusing on educational materials and leveraging their strong database to assist users in taking their guilds, investments and performance to the next level. This aggregated, real-time information saves you time and ensures you remain ever knowledgeable of the happenings within the play-to earn gaming space.

LuxWorld will collaborate with ChainPlay in order to:

  • Support travelholic users

ChainPlay community can be guided and trained to particicpate LuxWorld. This partnership is set to cultivate community growth through both game distribution and an ever-growing range of additional collaborations.

  • Marketing Support

As Long-term Partners, we would love to cross-marketing support, and create a dynamic playground for the community on both sides. Support each other in marketing which aids in the project’s discovery and attracts more users. Via this collaboration, we will join hands to bring exclusive events and airdrops to benefit both side communities.

  • Promote Discover and Earn

All in all, we firmly believe that this partnership will embark on a new path in creating more value for users on both sides in the trend of “Discover and Earn”.

Find more about Chainplay:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About LuxWorld

LuxWord is a combination of social networking and finance to create decentralized social application. People earn money through check-in when traveling, minting NFT, and purchasing NFT in the marketplace.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Facebook

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June 2024

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