Traveling, experiencing, and discovering always gives people new things. Capturing this factor, some of the leading innovations for the Discover-and-earn field have also been launched.

QVerse, the first metaverse of the famous airline Qatar Airways, has also been launched for this purpose. Luxworld — the promising project that is on the way to establishing the beta app — is also the innovation of this trend.

So what is the difference between LuxWorld and QVerse, while both serve the community’s travel benefits? Let’s find out through the article below:


The biggest difference between LuxWorld and QVerse that can be discerned is the concept of composition.

QVerse is about the experience for users in the virtual world, making it easy for them to choose flights, itineraries, times, and locations without going to the airport.

Through its own metaverse, Qatar Airways allows interested parties to visit and navigate the premium check-in area at Hamad International Airport. QVerse is one of many potential initiatives and is part of the future of human relationships.

LuxWorld is different.

The promising project was born with a combination of Social and Finance — in the Web3 platform — to create the systems and features that help travelers experience freely.

Travelers can also earn money by reviewing their experiences and continuing to join communities worldwide. LuxWorld gives travelers a real experience in the real world itself.

System mechanism

As for QVerse, it has no DeFi element. This is the integration of virtual reality and human beings. User experience is developed using a real-time 3D visualization engine and cloud application.

With Qverse, users just access the available platform, which is not real, only 3D effects and communication to meet their needs.

When you travel, you can go it alone, but that moment should be shared with the surrounding community so they can know about your wonderful experience. Who knows, maybe with your sharing, someone will start their journey?

The community element is clearly absent, with only one person interacting with the virtual world because its purpose is not in connecting people with each other but in the customer experience.

SocialFi, introduced as a core element of LuxWorld, helps the project have a direct connection with users, resulting in a better experience.

That being said, LuxWorld is not just the app — where people connect together in the virtual community. This is the solution by which people can enjoy discovering the world while earning money and contributing to social development.

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