NFTs are a new computing primitive with the power to disrupt entire industries — from music to fashion and more. Brand loyalty and customer rewards programs are a perfect use-case for NFTs, giving customers greater ownership in their membership profiles and opening doors for companies to create deeper customer connections and experiences.

LuxWorld Me is paving the way for companies and brands to leverage NFT technology in real-world use cases and forging the future of membership programs. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with brands in all fields to bring unprecedented experience to customers.

LuxWorld Me enables companies to supercharge their brand loyalty and customer relationships through the use of NFTs. Their enterprise solution helps brands increase customer retention by harnessing the power of NFTs to better incentivize customers with unique membership rewards beyond what traditional loyalty programs can offer.

These NFTs, also known as cards, will be used to unlock new benefits and immersive experiences from both LuxWorld and brands. Users can get these NFTs when they reach certain milestones in LuxWorld Journey Mode and LuxNGO. These NFT cards can also be bought and sold among members in a blockchain-secured marketplace. Limited-edition NFTs will also be available for purchase directly using LUX token.

LuxWorld cards acts as unique digital art as well as holds real utility and value. Each NFT will have a unique serial. The shorter the serial number on your LuxWorld Card, the better features you will enjoy.

LuxWorld Cards have four types:

  • Common cards with serial number from 00000 – 99999
  • Premium cards with serial number from 0000 – 9999
  • VIP card with serial number from 000 – 999
  • Black card with serial number from 00 – 99

Depending on the types of cards, you will have the chance of receiving previously unavailable perks and privileges.

  • Early access to limited edition collections from LuxWorld and brands
  • Product Discount
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Virtual events provided by brands

LuxWorld is always looking for new ways to build a community. The objective is to establish a digital space where the community can participate in immersive experiences and build a better world to live in.

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May 2024

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