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As you make check-in in LuxWorld, you may notice that your luggage’s durability may start to decrease. Why is this so, and how can you increase your luggage’s durability?

Why need to repair a luggage?

It’s also worth talking about wear and tear in LuxWorld, as this parameter directly affects how much tokens are earned. Initially, the durability level is 100, which means that the luggages are completely repaired. After each checkin session, the luggage will wear out and their efficiency will drop as follows:

  • When the wear drops to 50 units, the earning ability of the luggage drops to 90%. For example, instead of 10 LUX for 1 checkin, you will get 9 LUX. That is, the repair is not critical, the luggage can still be used.
  • When the wear drops to 20, the earning ability of the luggage drops to 10%. For example, instead of 10 LUX, you will get 1 LUX per 1 checkin. So, the repair is ALREADY critical.

What it actually costs to repair a luggage?

The repair of your luggage depends on a number of factors:

  • Luggage Quality
  • Luggage Level
  • Durability Loss

The first factor is pre-determined as soon as you purchase a luggage. The second factor is influenced by you, but generally speaking, most travelers want to continue to level up their luggages. The higher your luggage’s level and quality, the greater the amount of LUX required to repair your luggage by 1 durability point.

The durability loss, however, is that part that you influence via the Renovation attribute. While renovation does not reduce the repair cost per durability point, it does help with reducing the number of durability points lost.

Here’s how your luggage maintenance costs are calculated:

Repair Cost in LUX= Repair Factor * per 1% Durability Loss

How to repair luggage?

You will need to go to the home page on LuxWorld, and tap on your luggage. After that, you can select “Repair” button to repair your luggage by a certain amount of durability. For every durability point that you repair, you will need to pay some LUX.

When should luggage be repaired?

Ideally, you should repair your luggage before your durability goes below 50. This is because your earning will be decreased, which means that you will earn less LUX per checkin that you spend.

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