Check-in Node Owner, Tutorial

Check-in Node is an important element that helps you gain handsome profit whenever a traveler checks in at your node. But the earning ability of the node depends on several factors, including factors from travelers. So, how to make your check-in node more attractive with travelers?

What is Check-in Node in LuxWorld?

Check-in Node is a digital piece of real estate in LuxWorld. Each one is a unique and non-fungible BEP-20 on the Binance blockchain.The initial of a check-in node have wide coverage with a radius of 8 m. The coordinates should not be related to PSA (Politically sensitive areas).

The main purpose of Nodes is to allow owners to earn passively money from travelers’ jouney and make their first footprints in metaverse.

As mentioned above, node owners only earn rewards when traveler checks in at their nodes. Therefore, making check-in nodes more attractive is an essential task.

Increase Check-in Radius

In LuxWorld, a sucessful checkin involves several factors and radius is one of them. If travelers check in invalid radius, they cannot earn any rewards. The higher the radius is, the more comfortable for traveler to check in. The initial radius of any check-in node is 8 meter.

There is only one way to enhance the check-in radius – increase the point of attribute Coverage. After each level, node owner receive a certain number of points depending on quality of node and they can distribute some to Coverage attribute. Or they can insert diamond to the corresponding lock to increase the power of Coverage point.

When reaching to a certain range of coverage point, you will have more 1 valid check-in radius. But remember that, this formula obeys to the law of diminishing return, it means that at a certain coverage point, raising check-in radius is no longer effective. Also, increasing coverage points also costs you token LUX.

Keep higher Energy

The Check-in Node has been degraded over the time, resulting in the decrease of the Energy after each check-in of a traveler. Higher Resilience point will result in a slower Energy reduction. Earning ability of luggage NFT is affected directly from Energy (Z) of check-in node.

Therefore, to maintain Energy as high as possible, Node owners must increase the Resillence attribute through Level up or Insert Diamond similarly to Coverage attribute.

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