In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to level up LuxWorld Luggages/Nodes. Let’s get right to it!

How Do LuxWorld Levels Work?

Benefits of leveling up
・ Strengthening ability
・ Release of lock (a function that can equip a Diamond that increases the ability)
・ Increase the upper limit of LUX that can be earned in one day
・ Possibility of selling at a high price
・ Become able to customize when you reach high level!

Currently, the highest level a Luggage/Node can achieve is 20.

Disadvantages of leveling up
・ Repair costs up

Attribute Points

Every time you level up one of your Luggages/Nodes, you will receive a certain amount of attribute points. You can use these attribute points to improve any of the 4 attributes of Luggages/Nodes and they will impact on your earning ability.

The number of attribute points that you receive with each level-up is determined by the quality of your NFT assets and ranges from 5-20 points.

Luggage Attribute Points

  • Space, which determines the earnings potential of LUX.
  • Luck, which determines the quality and frequency of Lucky Box drops.
  • Flexibility, which determines the minting time.
  • Renovation, which determines the rate at which luggage’s durability goes down.

Node Attribute Points

  • Popularity, which have much more popularity will result in better LUX earnings token.
  • Magic, which increases the chance of random magic box during a session.
  • Coverage, which affects check-in area and check-in cap.
  • Resilience, which slows down wear and tear of Energy


As your Luggages/Nodes move up through the different levels, it will unlock special features at certain milestones. Here’s an overview of the events triggered at various points throughout your journey.

Luggage Milestones
Node Milestones

Each one of the features opens up new possibilities for you as a player. Some of them allow you to create new Luggage/Node NFTs that you can sell on the marketplace or use by yourself.

Diamond Types and Locks

For travelers, you are able to unlock Diamond Lock once your luggages reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Luggage Attributes by inserting the corresponding Diamond into the closed Locks (i.e. only Space Diamond can be placed into Space Locks).

There are four types of Diamond, with each Diamond representing an Attribute of Luggage/Node:

  1. Blue: Space/popularity
  2. Red: Luck
  3. Purple: Flexibility/Coverage
  4. Yellow: Renovation/Resilience

By heading to the Upgrade tab under the Diamond section, you can upgrade their Diamond by burning LUX and combining 3 Diamond of the same level and type to a higher level (i.e three Level-1 Space Diamond to one Level-2 Space Diamond).

Similar to how leveling up your Luggage becomes increasingly more difficult, so does upgrading Diamond. It’s also important to note that on the lower levels your Diamond upgrades actually have a chance to fail completely.

How much does it cost to raise the level of Luggages/Nodes?

Leveling Up in LuxWorld contains the cost, leveling time, max LUX per day, and milestones at each level.

As you level up your NFT assets, you start to earn more and more LUX. However, the amount of LUX you need to spend as well as the LUX level up time required to do so also increases with each level. And so does the repair cost of your Luggages/Nodes.

How to Level Up Luggages/Nodes

  • Step 1: Choose luggage/node

First of all, select the luggage/node you want to raise the level from the list of NFT assets you have.

  • Step 2: Click on the “Level Up” button

Tap “Level up” displayed on the screen to display the cost and waiting time. If there is no problem, tap “CONFIRM”.

  • Step 3: Confirm LUX cost and required time

A popup will display the cost and time required. Tap on “Confirm” to level up.

In this article, we have summarized the methods and costs that are important for advancing the LuxWorld strategy.

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