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In this guide, you’ll learn what the LuxWorld Space attribute does, how you can earn more LUX, and what you need to do in order to maximize the effect of your lugage’s space.

What Is Space in LuxWorld?

One of the very first things that people realize once they start playing LuxWorld is that earning LUX is crucial to their success in the game. LUX is the main native token in LuxWorld, which means that it’s the lifeblood of nearly everything you do in the app. But how can you maximize the token earning?

Every luggage NFT comes with 4 different attributes. If you are playing Journey Mode, then Space plays a crucial part in your LUX earnings. A higher level of Space will result in more LUX earnings per successful check-in.

So, is it time to maximize Space to earn more? Well, it is important but it also depends on what your goal.

How to Earn More LUX With Space?

When you purchase your first luggage NFT, there are 2 things that impact your LUX earning potential.

Each type of luggage can only be used for a certain range of minting time and return per Check-in spent.

The other thing that impacts LUX earning is the LuxWorld Space attribute. Unlike your luggage type, the Space attribute can be improved quite a bit. As in LuxWorld whitepaper, the more Space your luggage has, the more LUX you will earn. However, keep in mind that increasing the Space has diminishing returns. It means that  means that each additional level of Space will lead to a lesser improvement in your LUX earning potential.

It’s hard to say where the optimal point is because there is a tradeoff between using attribute points for Space or for Renovation. Every time you gain new attribute points from leveling up your luggage, your luggage’s repair costs also increase.

So if you’re using all your points for Space and zero for Renovation, your gains in LUX might not worth by increased costs.

How to Increase the Space of a LuxWorld Luggage?

There are effectively 3 ways you can influence the Space attribute of your luggage:

  1. Buy a luggage with more Space
  2. Upgrade the Space during the next Level Up
  3. Place Space Diamond inside the Lock of your luggage

Buy a Luggage with good Efficiency. For example, for popular Luggage, a luggage with an Space of a minimum 5 is considered good enough.

Depending on the quality of the luggage you own, you will receive more or less attribute points each time you level up. You can then add these points to any 4 attributes you like and each one influence different aspects of the game.

Lucky box can contain valuable Diamonds that you can place inside the Locks of your luggage. Diamond can have a big impact on your Space and thus also LUX earning, so it’s definitely something worth looking into.

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