In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what LuxWorld Luxky Boxes are, what rewards they contain and how much it costs to open them.

What is a Lucky Box?

Lucky box is a loot box that is randomly dropped in Journey mode. The contents include LUX and Diamond, and sometimes nothing is included. LUX is a specification that cannot be obtained from the Lucky Box if you have reached the LUX cap (full tank) for one day.

Diamond are important because they allow you to boost to effect of your luggage’s attributes. Multiple Diamond of the same type and level can also be used to upgrade to a higher level Diamond.

Lucky boxes comes in 4 qualities: Popular, Rare and Limited from Lv1 to Lv10.

When you receive the Lucky Box, you will have to wait before opening it and the countdown will start automatically. When the countdown is over, you will be able to unlock it. The longer you wait for a lucky box, the higher the quality of that lucky box is. What you will get is also heavily influenced by the luck attribute on your luggage. Not only will the luck attribute influence the level of the lucky box you get, but it will also influence the actual things on the inside of the lucky box.

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Once you get Lucky Box, it is placed in one of the 4 slots that you have within your account. Remember that you can only have 4 unopened boxes at a time.

What can I do to get a high-level Lucky Box?

You can get the Lucky boxes in LuxWorld with the help of Lucky Box value or drop rate. However, to ensure that there will be a lucky box drop, you will need certain values.These values are the calculated values of the lucky box itself. 

Here’s the formula to calculate the value of LuxWorld Lucky Box:

The two main terms used in the formula for calculating the lucky box value are the PLL, an abbreviation used for player luggage luck, and the PLLC, which stands for player luggage luck coefficient, which is affected by the Diamond and Lock.

The overall quality of the lucky box you will receive depends on two major factors.The factors are:

  • The luck factor of the luggage
  • Check-in in every session

In order to get high-level lucky boxes, you need a combination of two things.

  • You need as many check-in as possible.
  • You need to add points to the luck attribute of your luggage.

How Much Does It Cost to Open Lucky Boxes?

The cost of opening a lucky box depends on the level of that box. The higher the level of the box, the more it will cost. There is always a chance to pay extra in order to open the box at once, but if you spend lots of LUX paying to open a box earlier, you will most likely end up spending more to open the box than the value of the box itself.

After all, it’s always a good idea to have a decent strategy on how to deal with LuxWorld Lucky Boxes.

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