What is LuxWorld?

LuxWorld Web3 Travel-Social App is based on several available elements, of which the focus is Social-Fi — the combination of social networking and finance to create decentralized social applications.

In LuxWorld’s platform, Social-Fi allows people to earn through registration while traveling, withdraw NFT, buy NFT in the market, and exchange with people on the platform.

Meanwhile, Location owners (hereinafter referred to as Check-in Node Owner or Owner) who own NFT Check-in Node will receive the LUX token when the Travelers complete check-in at their Check-in Node, at the same time as Check-in Owners Node.

LuxWorld — Web3 Lifestyle App with inbuilt NFT Gaming and interactive Social-Fi layout

NFT Luggage Differentiate

There are 4 Types and 4 Attributes of Luggage.

Luggage Type: There are 4 Luggage types, each designed to suit a different minting speed: Suitcase, Duffel, Briefcase, and Backpack.

Luggage Attribute:

  • Space (LUX earnings): Luggage has higher Space attribute points will result in better LUX earnings.
  • Luck (Lucky Box): Luck determines the frequency and quality of a Lucky Box drop.
  • Flexibility (Minting Speed): Luggage has higher Flexibility attribute points will result in a higher Minting Speed, leading to a shorter waiting time at Check-in Node.
  • Renovation (Durability): Renovation affects Durability. Higher Renovation will result in a slower Durability decay. The higher the Luggage level or quality, the higher the repair cost.

After every check-in, the durability of the Luggage will decrease (based on the Luggage’s renovation attribute), directly affecting the LUX earning of travel users. To ensure the earnings, users should repair the luggage at the important milestones:

  • At 50/100 Durability, LUX earning drops to 90%
  • At 20/100 Durability, LUX earning drops to 10%

To increase Attribute points, Travel Users can:

  • Level Up to get more attribute points to allocate
  • Buy a higher quality Luggage.
  • Insert Diamond to the Lock of Luggage

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