On the first days of being listed on Bitmart and Coinmarketcap, LuxWorld was accused of a scam by many accounts. But what’s happening, and what is the truth behind this FUD? Follow the below article.

LuxWorld Accused of Being a Scam

An account named The Rug List (@theruglist) on Coinmarketcap accused LuxWorld of being a scam on the first days of being listed based on evidence regarding the founder, investment funds, and auditing activities. These intentional acts had a significant impact on investor sentiment, causing them to sell out $LUX, making a big dump of 60% and bottoming out at $0.003361.

The truth behind the accusations

Immediately receiving the accusations, LuxWorld initiated an investigation and realized that it was a true calumny & extortion case, and the victims were LuxWorld and other new crypto projects. This site demanded 6.5 $ETH (worth $10,000 at the writing time) to remove all negative information related to LuxWorld. This was a blatant act! 

We can be sure that this is not the first time these blackmails exploited the reputation and spread malicious rumors about the project to earn money, not excluding the possibility that these attacks could be aimed at generating FUDs, forcing devaluations and buying $LUX tokens cheaply.

The truth about LuxWorld being accused of a scam project?

6.5 $ETH in exchange for removing all negative rumors? Ridiculous.

In short, all the recent rumors related to LuxWorld are just making up stories to extort by scammers. We will continue to focus on developing projects, products, TravelToEarn & SocialFi trends and bring value to the community. You can completely track our development journey through the roadmap. 

In addition, we are always ready to face fraud allegations and attacks by impostors with no compromise. 

Please keep following and supporting LuxWorld for a nice and healthy crypto space.




May 2024

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