first offer LUCKY DRAW

Win $100k worth of the LuxWorld token!

Luxworld $100K Giveaway is live now. Make sure to join and share with your friends to get a chance to win (The More, The Merrier)!

To be eligible to claim the prize of the equivalent of $100,000 of $LUX Tokens, the winner must be holding at least the equivalent of $50 of $LUX Tokens on the day of the draw.

*More entries lead to higher chances of winning a grand total $100k worth of $LUX Token.

LuxWorld Travel To Earn

first offer 11 ways to enter LuxWorld $100k Giveaway

Join to win Luxworld $100K Giveaway! 

  1. Follow Luxworld on Twitter
  2. Enter your Wallet Address (non-exchange Wallet)
  3. Retweet LuxWorld on Twitter
  4. Tweet With The #Luxworld
  5. Join#👋🏼│welcome and leave comments
  6. Visit LuxWorld on YouTube
  7. Join @luxworldofficial on Telegram
  8. Join @luxworldcommunity on Telegram
  9. Join Luxworld Official on Facebook
  10. Visit LuxWorld website
  11. Refer Friends For Extra Entries