LuxWorld is a Web3 travelling lifestyle app with gamification and interactive Social Fi layout!

1. What is LuxWorld?

1.1 What is LuxWorld?

LuxWorld Foundation aims to be Top 1 Travel and Lifestyle blockchain infrastructure developer. Step-by-step on product development, start build-up with Social-Fi elements í the current explosive trend, Luxorld visioned to be the biggest Web3 social travel app and on-chain content network in the industry. 

1.2. Roadmap of LuxWorld?

LuxWorld Roadmap

2. How to join LuxWorld?

2.1. How to register?

– Enter your phone number/email

– Enter the OTP code sent to you as verification in order to enter your account

– Registered successfully

2.2. How to get started?

– Register the app

– Allow to access real location

– Choose Mode

– Buy luggage/node NFTs

– Check in

– Receive rewards

2.3. How to buy NFTs?

– Open NFT market

– Choose NFT

– Click Buy

2.4. How to check in with luggage?

– Click luggage icon

– Choose Luggage you want to use

– Find a check-in node in Map

– Click “Confirm” to check in

2.5. How to link a NFT Node with a location?

– Choose a check-in node NFT in your inventory

– Click “Link with location”

– Choose a location on Map

– Click “Confirm”

– Edit information of check-in node

– Click “Link with location” to finish 

3. How to contact LuxWorld?

We’d love to hearing from you!

[email protected]

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